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Mar del Plata 


The ‘atelier gael’ in Mar del Plata, Argentina was conceived as a structure which arises from the need for a flexible series of spaces, that offers as much interior program as it does exterior, as well as the overlapping of the two. An exposed concrete shell frames the footprint of the house, serving as an element that facilitates both interior and exterior activities.


Along the private yard of the site the interior spaces recede from the edge of the roof line to expose an exterior patio that directly connects to each room and changes shape to accommodate various functions.

Along one wall, a barbecue area anchors a larger opening in the exterior floor plan intended as an outdoor dining or gathering area. Deeper into the floor plan, the external patio gives way to a modular bay of crushed rock and an opening in the solid concrete canopy that allows natural light to seep into the center of the floor plan.

Full height sections of rough-sawn timber planks alternate with operable glass panels that offer views of the private garden. Along the public entrance side of the plan, three rooms of different sizes serve as workshop/office spaces or guest accommodation and entertainment.


The central courtyard assures that every room receives at least two points of natural light and connections to the exterior, lending to an efficiently ventilation structure.

Project details:

Date: 2014 

Covered Area: 57 m2 

Semi-covered Area: 27 m2 

Photographer: Ramiro Sosa

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