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The Cronos House is located in Pinamar, a coastal town south of Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
The project responds to the need to build a beach house which could be used the whole year and be in full contact with nature.


The land is in its natural state: it keeps a significant amount of typical conifers of the area, a sandy soil and open visuals to the forest. The Cronos House seeks to manifest a way of understanding and living a holiday home, based in the contact with light and nature, the flexibility of the spaces, the quality of the materials and the search for an image that reflect its own contemporaneity.


Bearing in mind those premises, the project is defined. The morphology was thought as an addition of volumes that pretend to go into the forest, generating different visuals and protecting the house from the winds of the west.

At the same time, the purity of the color chosen for these volumes bursts into the landscape generating a contrast that respects its nature and accentuates it with the architecture. The organization of the rooms allows taking advantage of natural light and cross-ventilation and at the same time generating terraces in the public areas of the house towards the best orientations and visuals.


The house rises on concrete ribs separating it from the ground, strengthening the contrast between the house and the landscape and reducing the impact of the build as much as posible. The project is materialized with steel framing construction system, using several layers to deal with the different technical needs (waterproof, thermal, wind, etc.) The choice of the construction system and termination materials allow to strengthen contemporary aesthetics, obtain excellent construction times, decrease on-site waste generation and impact on the ground.


For both the facade and the roof it was chosen white corrugated sheet. Windows are made of white aluminum. Inside the house, wood prevails in the floor, the doors and some of the walls, creating a contrast with some details in bright colours.


Project details:

Selected for the International Architecture Biennial of Buenos Aires 2017 

Awards: Mention in the Capba Built Work Prize 2019 

Location: Pinamar, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Date: 2016 

Area: 86.00 m2 

Photographer: Ramiro Sosa

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