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Mar del Plata


This house is located in a gated neighborhood 20 minutes away from the city of Mar del Plata. It spans over a piece of land of more than 2.000m2 which contains a significant amount of different tree species that changes their colors through the year. This gives the house varied views from its different angles. 


Bearing in mind this environment, the house was designed as “porous”. It tries to get into the landscape, obtaining the best views, natural light and crossed ventilation.


The floor plan is distributed in the shape of strips that break to go into the landscape. This strip also allows separating the public areas from the private ones. 


The project explores the possibilities that this kind of land offers us. As a result of the study of the landscape, we obtain three spaces: the interior space, rich in natural light and views to the woods, the exterior space, maximized by the expansions from the inside, and the transition space, which allows a fluid relation between interior and exterior.


The treatment of the limit is crucial to achieve this fluid relation. The large windows offers open visuals, as the galleries create a soft limit. The wood parasol functions as a filter that gives privacy and makes the visuals more dramatic.


The materials chosen for this project were mostly concrete and wood, which embrace the contemporary aesthetic, ensures the permanency through the years and merge to the natural environment


Project details:

Date: 2017 

Covered Area: 100.00 m2 

Semi-covered Area: 51.00 m2

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