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La Caleta, Buenos Aires


The house is formed by a unique prismatic volume, which acquires dynamism with a vertical sequence in its façade. We understand it as a series of opposite elements which change as long as the day goes by or the viewer changes its point of view: full and empty / light and shadow / transparent and opaque. 

In this particular project, the design of the façade is fundamental. It gives the house its name. The facade stimulates and regulates the contact between the house and its environment.


The windows alternate giving each space a different view and a different lighting, and as a result, a different relation with the exterior.

At the time of planning the spaces, it was necessary to reduce them to its minimum. For that reason, we studied how this spaces work and how they relate with the exterior. That study allowed us to create a house as simple as shocking. 

The most important space of the house is the public area. It consists in an only space split between interior and exterior, that contains the kitchen, dining area and living area.


Project details:

Year: 2013 

Area: 90 m2 

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