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Sierra de los Padres


The project responds to a couple's request for a home for permanent use in Sierra de los Padres, a town located a few kilometers from the city of Mar del Plata, characterized by a mountain landscape and at the same time with significant forestation. The topography of the site allows for extensive views of the area's hills and fields.


The project is resolved as two rotated and superimposed prismatic volumes, generating intermediate spaces between the interior and exterior such as the overhang of the front, which is perforated to be crossed by a tree species from the area and the semi-covered one towards the park, which is It presents as an extension of the dining room.


The house has its expansions towards the back of the lot, where the geography, based on the natural slope of the land, and the favorable orientation, allow you to enjoy the wide views of the fields.


From the public space of the street, we seek to frame, offer a picture of the imposing landscape that will be rediscovered upon entering the home, from the floor-to-ceiling windows.


The horizontality of the space on the ground floor is enriched with a double height that is generated above the living room, this is crossed by a bridge that connects the bedroom with the ground floor.


The project is materialized with a mixed construction system that allows a contemporary aesthetic with noble materials and shorter construction times. It has a reinforced concrete structure on the ground floor and solves the enclosure and structure of the upper floor with a lightweight construction system -Stell Frame. ​ ​


Project details:

Mention in CAPBA Constructed Work Award 2020. ​

Location: Sierra de los Padres, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Project Date: 2015

Covered Area: 125m2

Semi-covered surface: 35m2

Photographer: Ramiro Sosa

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