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Mar del Plata


Bearing in mind the limited dimensions of the piece of land, we proposed to elevate the public spaces of the house. This resource provides good lighting and great visuals of the city, as it gives privacy to the terrace, which is the main outer space.


On the ground floor the house develops a basing. It allows creating a strong limit with the street, opening up to a small patio. On the access and the bedrooms area, the limit turns sharper, as it gets to be more permeable on the corner. 


A light, steel sheet volume contains the kitchen, the dining room and the living room on the first floor. This overlapping rotated prism generates semi-covered areas on the ground floor which are used as parking space. The volume comes out the sidewalk and has a large window on the end, which provides the kitchen with visuals of the city.


A mixed construction system was chosen for this project. The ground floor was built mostly with concrete, in order to emphasize its basing characteristic. The first floor was materialized with steel-framing system fully covered in black steel sheet.

The floor-to-ceiling windows create light-filled spaces that make contrast with the dark colors from the material chosen: concrete, wood and black metal.


Project details:

Date: 2019 

Covered area: 142.00 m2 

Semi-covered area: 40.00 m2 

Photography: Blackline Productions.


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