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Sierra de los Padres


This project responds to the need of a family who wanted to build a second home for the weekend in a town near the city of Mar del Plata, called Sierra de los Padres. This town is surrounded by important mountains and various tree species. This characteristic of the environment give the house endless views of the lands.


To maximize the possibilities of the land, we designed a two-story house with important terraces. On the ground floor, the key was to create strong relations between interior and exterior. For that reason, the gallery becomes a fundamental element: a transition space to link the nature and the architecture.

On the first floor, we find an only volume that seems to be suspended. The elevation gives this level even better view.

The terraces are located in the back, taking advantage of the best orientation, the views and the natural slope of the land.


The construction is planned with a mixed system: a concrete structure on the ground floor and Steel Frame system on the first floor. This gives the house a contemporary aesthetic and low maintenance expenses.

Project details:

Date: 2015 

Covered Area: 110 m2 

Semi-covered Area: 50 m2

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