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Mar del Plata - Parque Luro


The Strobel Houses respond to the aspiration of building two independent houses on a 10m x 23m plot. Each house preserves the inherent character of a neighborhood home while offering contemporary, dynamic spaces.


It was decided to subdivide the plot into two lots of 5.00m x 23.00m and develop two attached houses parallelly, creating a continuous spatial sequence that links interior and exterior spaces, promoting their interaction and facilitating the entry of natural light into the interior of the house. As Campo Baeza states, that light is a fundamental material of architecture.

Interconnected Spaces


The sequence begins with the public space—the street—and transitions through the porch, an intermediary space that bridges the urban environment of the street with the intimacy of the home. Next is the vertical patio, acting as a filter that privatizes the house while welcoming natural light indoors. 


The living room serves as a vertical axis, facilitating connections between different areas of the house. It links the ground floor with the upper floor, the bridge, and the office. Horizontally, it connects the living room, dining room, both patios, and the street. The kitchen-dining room, directly linked to the patio both visually and functionally, features a sliding three-panel window that blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.


From the morphology of the houses, spaces fully related to the exterior are generated where nature is present in all environments, which manage to appropriate the house's own patios as well as the green public space of the neighborhood through the views. 


Project details:

Date: 2019 

Covered area: 200.00m2 

Semi-covered area: 20.00m2 

Photographer: Ramiro Sosa

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