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Quilmes, Provincia Buenos Aires


The building aims to represent the symbolic and contemporary image of the institution, which endures over time, reflecting values of sobriety, trust, transparency, and commitment to the environment, consistent with its activities and uses. 



The architectural program is organized in sections, marking a clear division of uses and accesses. 



The Social Security Delegation was arranged below ground level and is directly connected to the sidewalk due to its high public flow. In order to create a suitable and comfortable environment at this level, we used two fundamental resources: The Patio and the Skylights.

The Patio provides direct access to the Social Security Delegation, which in turn allows ventilation and natural lighting of the functions developed there. 

Skylights were installed to allow the entry of daylight into the Social Security Delegation. 



The Mediation Center consists of six flexible floors and is located from the first level.  The compact floor plan and its distribution were developed to obtain the highest possible performance from the constructed surface, also achieving an adequate perimeter for natural lighting and cross ventilation of all areas of the building. 



The building has an open ground floor, thus achieving an access plaza and visual continuity between the public sidewalk and the back of the lot. From there, one can access the building or enter the mediation center directly from the courtyard. Through it, the connection of the building with the existing headquarters is guaranteed by means of a pedestrian passage of appropriate scale. 

It is important to highlight that the ground level functions as an articulator between the two programs, ensuring their independence and facilitating a correct connection when necessary. 



We propose a vegetal skin composed of deciduous vines on a metal mesh. The skin varies its foliage in each season, filtering sunlight in summer. 

It creates an intermediate space with humidity and fresh air between the carpentry and the exterior, facilitating efficient upward air circulation without interruption that the premises take advantage of through the openings. The vegetal skin provides a dynamic facade of the building that varies throughout the different seasons of the year. 


Project Details:

Bar Association Building Competition 

Authors: Arch. Mariel Cámara - Arch. Ezequiel Muñoz - Arch. Adrián Olivero. 

Date: 2011 

Surface area: 512m2 

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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