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CABA - Buenos Aires 


The main idea of this preliminary project is to offer a flexible and versatile solution for the picking options available in its operation by selecting a locally accessible structural technology with the best cost/benefit equation and arranging the complex on the site in a way to achieve the best urbanistic solution for traffic and environmental impact with the least earth movement. 


This is accomplished by taking advantage of the existing terrain slopes, all supported by a corporate image proposal based on an office program solution that forms like a bridge or gate over the warehouse in order to offer a building that exceeds the monotony of typical industrial constructions.


Based on this premise, the architectural preliminary project of the distribution center implies, in our view, the resolution of six essential aspects: Logistics, Security, Functionality, Growth-Flexibility, Corporate Image, and Technology. 


Project details:

Authors: Arch. Ezequiel Muñoz. Arch. Mariel Cámara Arch. Roberto Fernandez. 

Collaborators: Arch. Vanina Manzo. 

Advisors: Arch. Matias Pagliardini. (Structures) 

Year: 2012 

Approximate covered area: 4,500 m2

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