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Tandil, Buenos Aires


The required courtyard outlined in the guidelines, as per code, is positioned at the front of the building, serving a dual purpose: it ventilates and illuminates, while also functioning as an "atrium," providing access and linking the urban space with the building's interior. This design element establishes a setback from the Main Lane, creating an "intermediate space," and simultaneously, an interruption in the continuity of the block's Main Lane, resulting in a distinctive feature where the institutional building is situated.



We interpreted the program as consisting of two distinct sectors: one designated as a "workspace" on the ground floor and another intended as a "multipurpose hall" on the first floor. These are encompassed within a "main volume" with a height suitable for the proposed activities. Additionally, another level can be added, set back from the Main Lane to minimize its impact on the surroundings. A separate sector designated as "services" on the first floor is contained within a "secondary volume" that extends over the Main Lane with a lower height, corresponding to the heights of adjacent buildings.



The concept of an "open plan" is proposed, allowing for different functional layouts on any floor, emphasizing the idea of "flexibility." Accordingly, a simple construction system was adopted, consisting of a reinforced concrete structure and an enclosing envelope that unifies the building into a cohesive image.


Project details:

Award: Special Mention 

Authors: Arch. Mariel Cámara. Arch. Ezequiel Muñoz. Arch. Gustavo Aranguren. Arch. Daniel Brucnera. 

Year: 2012 

Approximate covered area: 180 m2

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