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Guaminí, Buenos Aires.


Music transcends the building through its facade, which recomposes the notes of the song "Desde el Alma" (Manzi). 


The "music box" will be responsible for paying constant tribute to "The National Singer", by always playing her music through its facades, creating a place of massive commemoration in the streets, while its interior will forever host her history, and will be responsible for transmitting along with it, the values of national culture. 



The building proposes a double journey. 

Material Journey: It aims to create a journey through the exhibition hall, commemorating the life and work of Nelly Omar, with a respectful commitment to the evolution of her art. 


The journey will be guided through the "Life Paths", where the wall constitutes a historical narration of Nelly Omar's entire life and work, from her early steps in the "La Atrevida" estate to her final rest. It organizes photographs and paintings of our national singer chronologically until reaching the Mausoleum. From here, one can also glimpse the Prayer Courtyard. 


The Permanent Room is a space of commemoration and recognition, where through the Material Journey, one can contemplate Nelly Omar's most precious and representative objects. 


Selective and controlled windowing provides suitable lighting for the proper conservation of the objects. 


Spiritual Journey: It consists of a spiritual path that connects the Church with the Mausoleum, located in the Prayer Courtyard, proposing a reduced scale conducive to personal encounters and individual emotions. From the Church, the access to the building is clearly visible, and through the transparency of the hall, one can perceive the Prayer Courtyard. 


Project Details:

Nelly Omar Museum Competition 

Authors: Arq. Mariel Cámara - Arq. Ezequiel Muñoz - Arq. Adrián Olivero.

Date: 2011 Area: 190m2 

Location: Guaminí, Argentina.

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