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Quilmes - Provincia Buenos Aires


In the sector to be intervened, different urban structures converge, to the south the Don Bosco neighborhood, with a homogeneous and continuous fabric of low density, to the west a set of high-density housing with an atypical layout and a dispersed fabric. Towards the north, the Nuevo Quilmes neighborhood, characterized by an organic layout and a dispersed fabric of very low density.


We propose to reformulate the relationship of existing limits, generating a park with a strong identity, a public space that links morphological and social fractures in dialogue with the different existing urban structures.

The idea is to generate a central piece (esplanade) that resolves the different scales and frequencies existing on the site, creating an urban-scale piece that in turn contains human-scale spaces protected from forestation, in which different groups of activities and that bring together a large number of people of different ages. In response to the great discussions about safety in public space, we believe that the key is to ensure the appropriation of said space by the community that surrounds it. 

We propose to occupy the center of the park with activities and constant movement based on various strategies. Create three centers of activities in strategic places that stress the park, ensuring that it is visited and used at different times of the day. The esplanade becomes a plot thread that connects the different nodes.

The park responds to the Don Bosco neighborhood with a linear edge of urban characteristics, while towards the Nuevo Quilmes neighborhood, it proposes a friendly landscape with organic edges and a leafy grove at height and permeable at the pedestrian level.


The path of Avenida Caseros continues, this path connects the cultural plaza with the access to the Barrio Nuevo Quilmes and the future Archaeological Museum.


The esplanade is crossed by three pedestrian connectors and two vehicular connectors that ensure transversal permeability, access and returns to the street on the edge of Nuevo Quilmes.


Project details:

Architect Ezequiel Muñoz.
Arch. Mariel Cámara.

Arq. Vanina Manzo
Mr. Nicolás Oteiza

Sup. approx. cover: 60,000 m2

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