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Mar del Plata


The project, implemented in a low-density context, seeks to highlight the institutional character by proposing a three-story building with a free ground floor. It is developed as a pure volume that is perforated at the access level, generating a large atrium.


Environment and Urban Indicators. It was proposed to make the most of the urban indicators of the area. The building is developed under the concept of a free ground floor, allowing the possibility of taking advantage of the FOT to generate a third floor. The use of a semi-buried plant where the SUM and Quincho activities are carried out, which are not computed in terms of FOS, is also proposed. Party and Building. The party is clearly defined in two sectors made up of the ground floor passing through an entrance hall. A- At the semi-buried level, the functions with the greatest influx of people, Sum and Quincho, are defined. B-


Starting from the first floor, the operational functions of the building are defined with a flexible floor plan that allows variations over time. Volumetry and Language. Interpreting the conditions of the implementation, orientation and stageability of the project, we define the building as a pure vertical prism, perforated at the access level.


The Facades can be interpreted as geometries of opposite solids and voids. Towards the front, a mostly closed boundary, emphasizing the emptiness of the access atrium. The façade is made up of a set of "random" vertical planes and concrete beams, slightly separated from the glazed enclosure in such a way that it filters and controls the climatic incidents of the southwest orientation, allowing controlled entry of light.

Towards the quiet part of the building, a thicker façade is proposed as a brisolei, an integral concrete parasol, protecting the hall, the library and a special classroom from the sun's rays, while allowing them to visually relate to the patio itself. building. The parasol is perforated in the hall of the building allowing more light to enter and better views. ​ ​


Project descripción:

Place: Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Authors: Architect Gustavo Aranguren - Architect Mariel Cámara - Architect Ezequiel Muñoz.

Year 2014 ​

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