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Oberá Misiones


On March 17, 2011, the inauguration ceremony of the new school took place, attended by over 300 people. CEDU and A.P.A.E.R. delivered the new building. The Chamber of Urban Developers of the Argentine Republic (CEDU) and the Civil Association of Sponsors of Students and Rural Schools (A.P.A.E.R.), through the "Uniting Will" program, completed the construction of the new Rural School No. 888 in the Zacarías area, on the outskirts of Oberá, Province of Misiones. 


The distinguished project for the construction of the new school was selected by a prestigious jury composed of architects Clorindo Testa, Carlos Sallaberry, Rubén Cherny, Enrique Cordeyro, Raúl Sáenz Valiente, Roberto Converti, Miguel Jurado, Enrique Fornieles, and Luis Claro. The winners were chosen from the CEDU / CAYC Preliminary Design Competition for a Rural School organized by the Chamber along with the Center for Art and Communication and Pichón Reviere & Díaz Bobillo Consultants. The project winners were architects Ángel Muñoz and Adrián Olivero from the city of Mar del Plata. The architect in charge of the project was Violeta Calviño (Ods Group), and the construction management was led by Engineer Guillermo Caballero (IECSA). 

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Project details:

1st Prize CEDU - CAYC Competition Preliminary Design of a Rural School. 

Authors: Arq. Ezequiel Muñoz - Arq. Adrián Olivero. 

Date: 2009 

Area: 600m2 

Location: Misiones, Argentina.

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