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Mar del Plata - La Perla


The project was designed with the premise of creating an apartment building that incorporates all the advantages offered by contemporary apartments, while also incorporating the possibility of engaging in activities typical of living in a house. 


The ground floor is conceived as a plaza, with areas for relaxation, reading, and general enjoyment. This space is the heart of the project and contains the entrance hall, the barbecue area, and the solarium. Thanks to the relationship between the common areas, a landscape dominated by nature and serenity is achieved, avoiding interference between the social areas and the private areas located on the upper floors. 


All apartments have plants on their balconies and terraces, allowing residents to enjoy nature. The sum of the plants in each of the apartments creates an image of the building defined by the vertical gardens on the facade. 


Each apartment was meticulously designed to offer its owners very bright and ventilated spaces. This distinctive feature is achieved through vertical windows (from floor to ceiling) that provide ample natural light and ventilation. 


Project details:

Awards: Mention in the Capba Built Work Prize 2019 

Date: 2015 

Covered Area: 2,200m2 

Plaza Area: 500m2

Location: Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Photographer: Ramiro Sosa. 

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