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Mar del Plata - Plaza Mitre

B_4 Building

Located in Mar del Plata, just two blocks from Plaza Mitre, on a plot of land measuring 10.83m x 32.48m, the Bonjo IV project aims to create a real estate development that provides profitability for the business while ensuring quality for both the city and its residents. 

Our work begins with an analysis of the potential of the lot and the development of a comprehensive building project that incorporates essential elements of aesthetics, technical aspects, and economy. 

The apartment building boasts a contemporary aesthetic, aiming to convey feelings of warmth and solidity. 

Rising vertically, the building features a glass-enclosed entrance hall and ground floor parking, an underground level for parking and storage units, eight levels of apartments, and on the top floor, a clubhouse, gym, and terrace with a solarium. 

The design of the building, along with its structure, allows for various floor configurations, including split-level apartments with 2 and 3 bedrooms, floors with two 2-bedroom units and one studio apartment, or full floors with 4 bedrooms. Floor-to-ceiling windows enhance the spaciousness of the rooms by flooding them with natural light and offering open views of the neighborhood. 

The building features balconies on both fronts. Towards the street, these expand into terraces that take advantage of the best orientation.


Project details:

Location: Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Date: 2019 

Covered area: 1,292.00 m2 

Semi-covered area: 268.00 m2 

Parking area: 436.00 m2 

Photographer: Ramiro Sosa

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