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Mar del Plata

B_5 Building

Situated on a plot of land measuring 11.46m x 21.65m in Mar del Plata, the Bonjo V stands as a contemporary residential complex amidst an area currently undergoing a renewal of its architectural landscape. Comprising an entrance hall and parking on the ground floor, eight levels of two-bedroom apartments, an upper floor hosting a barbecue area and terrace, and an underground parking garage, the Bonjo V embodies modern living in this vibrant city.


With these parameters in mind, the project aims to enhance both interior and exterior spaces, fostering a harmonious relationship between the building and its urban surroundings. Serving as a barrier to noise and intrusion, the three-dimensional boundary created by the structure also provides a sheltered outdoor space shielded from Mar del Plata's unpredictable weather and strong winds.


This building's boundary is achieved through the strategic perforation of its parallelepiped structure, resulting in a visually striking double-layered facade articulated by the balconies. Externally, this design manifests as a dynamic interplay of exposed brick and painted plaster, lending movement to the facade while seamlessly integrating with the surrounding urban fabric and drawing from its rich cultural heritage and collective memory.


Project details:

Location: Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Date: 2017 

Covered area: 1,000.00 m2 

Semi-covered area: 87.00 m2 

Parking area: 286.00 m2

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