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Mar del Plata - Chauvín

Hipólito Building

The project responds to the changes in the urban structure that the neighborhood  where it is located is currently undergoing, replacing a fabric of chalets and low-rise houses with a mix of medium-density buildings, houses, and gastronomic and commercial space.


We designed a building that reconnects with the urban space by establishing a new relationship that enriches both the building and the city. The ground floor is conceived as a plaza that is enhanced by the presence of  the building's lobby and amenities.

The architectural boundary  has been conceived to address both the urban scale in relation to the street, using an aluminum facade that creates a privacy filter and a striking image, as well as the domestic scale, using the texture of the brick, the vegetation, and the grills in relation to the terraces.


Project details:

Location: Chauvín, Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Date: 2023 

Covered area: 1,506.05 m2 

Semi-covered area: 210.12 m2

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